Stylist Level: Senior Designer

Acacia is very outgoing and loving to those around her. She has an uplifting nature that tends to draw people to her. Doing hair has always been a passion of hers which has enabled her to build relationships with colleagues and clients. Cosmetology has always offered her creative perspective and pleasure in helping others realize that perfect style. She has a special way of making people feel uplifted and heard. Being raised on an acreage with farm animals adds that extra drive and work ethic that makes people feel extra special. When Acacia is dedicated to something she sees it through with tenacity.

Acacia’s most important things are her faith, and family. In addition to hair her she enjoy spending time with her son Asher, who is the joy of her life. Her most prized job is being a mom. Acacia grew up riding horses and she has always loved getting in the saddle to go for a ride with family or friends. There’s no where else she would rather be.