Welcome to Salon Ludic!

We want to welcome you to Salon Ludic.

Ludic (adj) : full of fun and high spirits.

We chose Ludic because it aptly and succinctly describes us. It encompasses the feeling and energy we want to create and the experience we want you to have.

We pursued our dream to build Salon Ludic because we want Ludic to be a place full of infectious energy, positive vibes, and a place where we can all lift each other up while spreading joy and kindness. All that and, of course, beautiful hair and top-notch services!

We want you to feel like you are friends and family and that Ludic is fully committed to you having the best possible experience. We are incredibly blessed by your support and love, which was essential to making this dream come true and we can’t wait to show you how happy we are you're here!


Sarah & Emily